MUD ON ROAD! This autumn and winter stay on the right side of the law

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After a somewhat indifferent summer the weather forecasters are uncertain of their predictions for the foreseeable future! One thing we can be sure of is that we will all get our fair share of rain. At this time of year we all recognise, particularly in rural areas, the possibility of coming across severely muddy roads whilst out driving. Although the effects on motorists are seldom more than dirtying the car, mud on the road surface can cause accidents and is, in particular, a serious problem for motorcyclists which has caused fatalities in the past.

Both the Road Traffic Act of 1988 and the 1980 Highways Act provide powers to the authorities to deal with mud deposits on public roads and those responsible are potentially liable and can be prosecuted for a range of offences. The punishment for these offences ranges from fines and driving licence endorsements (some of which can remain on your licence for up to 11 years depending upon the offence) to terms of imprisonment.

It is not only farmers who deposit mud and debris on the roads when travelling from field to farmyard but also haulage contractors delivering to building sites or goods vehicles collecting from quarries and gravel pits.

In addition to the possibility of being prosecuted for offences already mentioned, the Highways Authority has the power to clean the road and recover its expenses from the person responsible for depositing the mud/obstruction or causing a nuisance to other road users. It’s a bit of a minefield and offenders can even find themselves subject to the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 whereby an employer has a duty to not only look after his own employees, but also of anyone who may be affected by their working operations.

Far better than face the wrath of your neighbours, other road users and the authorities is to ensure that as far as reasonably possible you don’t upset anyone or commit an offence, or even worse find yourself being implicated in a serious accident. To this end Enduraclean can help.

With over 230 different pressure washers available we are bound to have one to fit your needs.  All our pressure washers come with either a recoil start or electric start motorised pump and are available in water tank sizes from 90 litres up to 5,000 litres and are wheelbarrow, trailerskid mounted or side mounted.

Pressure washers from Enduraclean

Our 200 or 300 litre skid mounted pressure washers fit easily onto the bed of a pickup and are ideally suited for situations where both mains water and mains power are unavailable.

The law requires that you do everything possible to prevent mud being deposited on to the road. This includes cleaning mud from vehicles, as far as is practicable, before they are taken on to the public road. The fact that the cleaning of mud from vehicles, tractors and their attachments is commercially inconvenient is not a defence.

Pressure washers from Enduraclean

Call us on 01778 337207 and speak to a member of our team to discuss the full range we have to offer. Far better to remove the problem than face the force of the law, or worse.

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