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Pressure Washers – Where did they come from?

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In today’s modern world where labour and time saving devices are the norm and health and safety legislation affects us all, the humble pressure washer has come of age. With a myriad of uses from simple domestic situations to commercial, public sector, industrial and agricultural applications, it is difficult to imagine life without this versatile product.

The pressure washer was invented by accident in 1927 by an individual named Frank Ofeldt II of Pennsylvania in the USA. During the Prohibition Era between 1920 and 1933 where the production, sale and importation of alcohol was prohibited by law, Mr Ofeldt was producing some for himself and his friends in an outbuilding at his home when he noticed that steam from his still was hitting the floor and removing grease and oil stains from the surface. This was in effect, the first steam pressure washer which, after some clever design and marketing, became known as the ‘High Pressure Jenny’.

It wasn’t until 1950 that the founder and owner of Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co produced the first European hot water pressure washer at his factory near Stuttgart in Germany and his name is now synonymous with pressure washers around the world in the same way as we refer to vacuum cleaners as Hoovers.

Enduraclean produces and supplies a huge range of industrial and commercial pressure washer units in skid mount or trailer mounted versions with a wide choice of electric or engine driven pumps including Interpump and Kärcher, hot or cold water systems and a variety of water tank capacities. With the sheer volume of options available to our customers we are confident that you will find the product ideally suited to all your requirements.

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